"Deciding when to move your career forward is a serious decision, and when you make it, you will have no better representation than with Thurmond & Company. We are the most confidential search firm in our industry, we will never compromise our ethics, and you can count on us." - Chris Thurmond

Candidates, We Represent the Best Firms


Thurmond & Company, Inc professionals are dedicated to the confidentiality and trust of the candidates that we represent. We do not distribute any personal information or resumes without the express permission of the candidate.

We seek to present the most promising opportunities in the industry to the most promising individuals. The professionals that we work with are often content with their current position, are enjoying their positions, and are being well taken care of because they are the best in the business. At Thurmond, however, we frequently unearth opportunities that are of great interest. Whether or not an individual is open to an immediate move, it is always advantageous to establish a relationship so that when a specific opportunity arises we can be ready.

We will only present opportunities that fit your own defined career path and goals. Our focus is to provide an opportunity for upward mobility in your career. Sometimes that means bigger, better projects, sometimes it means a larger more prestigious employer, and sometimes a small and upcoming firm can make the best use of your talents.

We understand the power of representation. It is much better to join a firm as a recruited individual, than to send in your resume unsolicited. Besides the obvious of being able to navigate better through the interviewing process, often straight to the direct hiring authority of the open position, being invested in at the beginning of a new position means higher visibility, faster promotional opportunity, and a certain satisfaction from knowing that they are in a special, select group of employees at their new firm.

Contact one of the professionals at Thurmond & Company, Inc to find out how we can help you achieve your career goals today.

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